Dr. William Hall has been my dentist for 17 years and I am very pleased with my dental service and smile.  Not only is Dr. Hall an excellent dentist, his staff is very accommodating and will go out of their way to meet any dental needs that occurs during cleanings.  I can not recommend Dr. Hall and his staff enough.

Margaret “Cassie” Robbins

My family and I moved to Middletown in March 2002 from West Virginia. Trying to find new Health Care Providers was quite a challenge since we knew no one. One of my nurse colleagues recommended Dr. William Hall for dental care. She said her family had been going to him for quite a while and really liked him. So I called and immediately my children and I started going to Dr. Hall and have been going ever since. It wasn’t too long after my husband joined the rest of us. We completely trust him and have received top notch care. I look forward to my six month check up every time because of the warm, compassionate care I receive. It’s like seeing an old friend. As many patients as he sees, he remembers things about each one of us. We think Dr. Hall is awesome and would recommend him to anyone!

-Freda Leighton and Family

My entire family (me, four kids, one wife) started going to Dr. Hall in the mid 1990’s because his father (Bill Hall, Sr., a friend and professional mentor of mine) told us to. I’m glad he did. I’m old enough to remember when a trip to the dentist was almost as painful as trying to drive across Frederick on Rt. 15 any given morning or evening. But Dr. Hall is friendly, professional, and (most importantly to me) pain free no matter the procedure. He has helped keep me and my offspring cavity free for the past 20 years, and even replaced all my ugly old black/metallic fillings with functional, cosmetically appealing fillings that don’t pick up WFMD on cloudy days. Every six months, when one of his delightful staff ask me how things are going, I can factually and confidently answer that thanks to Dr. Hall, my teeth are the only part of me that are not failing.

Mark T. Butt

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