Crowns, Bridges, and Implants

Crowns, Bridges, and Implants

Dental implants in Frederick MD.  If you have lost teeth due to decay or injury, we are happy to discuss the options available for tooth restoration. We are experienced in the latest dental technology that allows crowns and bridges to appear natural while still retaining strength and durability. We make plenty of time to discuss your treatment options and, you can be sure that we will carefully consider and discuss with you the color match and appearance, chewing and biting accuracy, and the compatibility with your natural tissue to find the option that’s best for you. We strive to be one the best dental implant dentists in Frederick MD. Our hope is that you will be relaxed in knowing that we strive to make dental procedures a positive experience. Here is an explanation of the current options available:


Sometimes called a cap, a crown is a tooth-like covering placed over a carefully prepared existing tooth much like a thimble over your finger. Crowns are used to:

  • Strengthen, restore or improve the appearance of your natural tooth
  • Support the tooth when there is no longer sufficient tooth structure left to place a filling
  • Protect the structure of a tooth that is fractured or broken.
  • Strengthen the tooth to accommodated the attachment of a fixed bridge


Bridges are custom prosthetic teeth used to replace one or more missing teeth by attaching to existing teeth on either side that have been prepared as crowns. Benefits of bridges include:

  • Restores and maintains the natural bite
  • Prevents unnatural stress on other teeth
  • Keeps opposing teeth in their proper place
  • Prevents shifting and tilting of adjacent teeth
  • Discourages further dental decay and periodontal disease
  • Enhances your smile, speech and chewing function

Dental Implants in Frederick MD

Dr. Bill Hall has been a trusted dental implant dentist in Frederick for over twenty years. Think of dental implants as metal anchors, usually made of titanium, that are surgically placed into the jawbone to hold permanent replacement teeth or dentures. Through a process called “osteointegration,” the jawbone actually attaches itself to the implant over time, providing tremendous stability. Dental implants can:

  • Restore the amount of pressure that can be withstood to nearly the same level of healthy natural teeth
  • Anchor securely to the crowns, bridges, or dentures in your jawbone, so they don’t slip and slide like unsecured dentures can
  • Last as long as 20 years or more with few complications with proper hygiene and care
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