Dental Fillings and Cavities

Dental Fillings and Cavities

Do you have questions about Dental fillings and cavities?  You’ve probably heard that sugar causes cavities, and while our modern diet is a likely culprit, it’s plaque, not sugar, that causes them. Plaque starts building up after every meal and if it’s not cleaned away, it can erode the hard, outer enamel of the tooth, beginning the first stage of cavity formation. Did you know that many cavities are painless? That’s why it’s so important to have your teeth examined by a dental professional every six months.

We use oral examinations and x-rays to detect cavities. If we find a cavity, we’ll let you know about your options for treatment. Most cavities do need to be treated and we are experienced in using the latest technology for dental fillings and treatment of cavities – but as a conservative family dentist practice, we only recommend these treatments if it’s absolutely necessary. If you do have a cavity that requires a filling, you can rest assured that we consistently provide just the right amount of anaesthetic to ensure a painless procedure and fillings that last a long time. When you’re in our care, we put your anxiety about cavities at ease and make sure your procedure is worry-free.

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