Dental Hygienist

I have been Dr. Hall’s hygienist since 1997. My job is to provide you with dental prophylaxis – you probably call this a cleaning, as well as instruct you on oral hygiene.

Our office has a very welcoming atmosphere. I notice that patients really like that they see the same employess at each visit because we have all been here for a while. Our patients know us and we know them. I love becoming familiar with my patients and making them feel comfortable in the dental chair.

Dr. Hall is an honest, family-oriented man. He does excellent dentistry and takes pride in his work. He is very up front with patients about their treatment. As a conservative family dentist, he doesn’t push patients to have work done unless he feels it is necessary. Dr. Hall is very easy going and allows me to do my job independently.

I graduated from Allegany Community College in 1996. I live in Keedysville with my husband and two young children, Shane and Nora. We enjoy spending time with our large extended family and traveling.

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